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Links to FREE Counters and FREE Statistical Tracking for Webmasters are listed on this page. If you have your own site, these are what you will need to monitor traffic and visitors to your web site.

Links to Free Counters and FREE Stats only are listed. If you know of any that you are using and would like to share with other WebMasters, let me know. -

Free Counters

Free Counters

LinkCounter - Accurately and easily track every link on your website, click by click. LinkCounter is a TOTALLY FREE tool that will revolutionize the way you measure your website's performance. LinkCounter takes the guesswork out of tracking visitors in and out of your website. It also monitors internal links so you'll know where your visitors are going - and where they're not.
AddFreeStats - Completely free, AddfreeStats provide to Webmasters detailed statistics on their site visitors. Keep track of how many people visit your site, when they come, how they found your site and much, much more.
Counted - Provides you with valuable in-depth statistics and information about your visitors, provable to advertisers.
MPK Online Free Counter - Digit based counter, no advertising.
Free Stats - Tracks your web site's statistics around the clock, and you can check them at any time using a web browser from anywhere in the world. FreeStats is easy to use.
Web Site Traffic Report A statistic tool that will tell you where your hits come from. A totally FREE service and uniquely, they will email daily reports to you on your sites traffic.
Site Meter Counter and tracker service that offers several interesting features. Site Meter displays dynamic 3D graphs and reports on your traffic. It offers several different counter styles and your counter can be customized by text color, background color, size, font etc.
The Ultimate Counter The Ultimate Counter! The site features an easy-to-use web counter service. You can choose from over 500 digits styles for use on your home page as a counter or clock.
Fast FREE Counter from MicroSoft - FastCounter by LinkExchange is a good, quick and FREE counter from MicroSoft - easy to install and sign up for.

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