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The Free Software Site! (Freeware Software for Microsoft Windows - reviews, recommendations, Windows hints and tips - only the best Windows Software is listed and it is FREE!

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Good Free Stuff selection.
FreeStuffer.Com - International Free Stuff site specialising in quality Windows FREEWARE.
Freeware Files
Free Windows Software plus a good selection of Windows hints, tips and secrets. Also has a Windows easter eggs section.
Ancient Rome Resource Site. Information on how the Ancient Romans lived in the times of the Emperor Hadrian.
Totally Free Software site listing FREEWARE and GNU software from the Free Software Foundation (FSF).
AllForFree.Co.UK - United Kingdom Free Stuff - has a good FreeWare Games section.
UKFreebies.Com - Site listing UK Freebies.
The Hunger Site - Donate to Charity for FREE. The HungerSite will donate 1/4 of a cup of food to the starving of the world, when you click on a link in their site. How it works is that once you have clicked, the thank you page has several sponsors ads. It is these ads. that pay for the FREE food. I've made a donation. - The website offers FREE advice from experts in all kinds of areas. - Recommended by a user of FreeStuffer - Thanks to Will.
Free Outlook Mail stationery - This is a useful site that offers FREE stationery for Outlook Express Mail (Windows email manager). Good collection of custom themed stationery to liven up your email.
Free bandwidth speed test. - This is an interesting one. If your Net connection seems slow, use this FREE service to check out how it is performing. The FREE online bandwidth test works with all types of connections: dial-up modems, ASDL, cable modems and ISDN.
Free IQ Tests. - This is another interesting one. Brain have several free IQ tests that you can take, which vary in length of time and what part of your IQ they test. After you are done they show you a chart on how you compared to other people who took the same test.
Virtual Flowers - Send someone a FREE Virtual Bouquet.
- Phillip's Florals Free Virtual Flowers and Cards. Use this site to pick up or send Free Virtual Flowers and Cards
- Say It ...FREE photos, greetings, and animations created by users. Send one FREE.
Qwik Pages - Qwik Pages: Fast, easy and free: This new service lives up to its name. Just fill out a short form and you'll get your own free 25 megabyte Web site, along with your own free E-mail address. Qwik Pages offers FTP uploading, free stats and other handy features.
Slavvole - A site listing FREE Stuff, and has excellent graphics effects. Worth checking out to see what CAN be done with HTML.
Radio Cards - Send a Radio Greeting card from this unique site. Customize your greeting card with an image and your personal message, as well as a live streaming radio station selection. Images here include photos from Ireland, Spain, France, Canada, the U.S. and more.

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